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feeling stuck?

Do you find your usual problem-solving resources are falling short?
Are you open to a time-tested way to better decision-making?

feeling curious?

Do you want to live with a fresher, clearer perspective on your life, and great timing?
Are you open to experimenting with how astrology really works?

feeling special?

Do you fancy treating yourself with something a bit different?
Are you open to making time for yourself to enjoy a highly bespoke experience?

Astrology can open up a whole new perspective, sharper clarity and great timing for you



The basic idea of astrology is that planetary cycles are a huge mirror to life on earth reflecting what's hidden from view as well as what's staring you in the face.  The planets themselves symbolise the essence of life common to everyone, whoever you are.  The valuable clues they provide about all areas of life through your astrological chart give you information you can use to make better decisions.


Unfolding planetary cycles, mirroring daily rhythms to patterns lasting several lifetimes, are like a live action shoot or a sports commentary on what is really going on.  Sometimes the reflection resembles a rather uneventful play.  At other times, it's more like a full on dance performance or the most moving opera scene.  Or a jumbled mix of both.  A heads up from your astrological chart can help you to prepare well for what lies ahead.


Look at what is happening for you right now, or go backwards and forwards with the aid of real and symbolic timing measures.  You can build your backstory and look ahead to which way the wind is blowing, as well as getting a better grip on your current situation.  Having a unique planetary timetable is priceless when it comes to understanding and assessing your options, as you decide what to do (or not).