Are You Wondering Which Way To Go?     

Make better decisions with the ancient, practical wisdom of astrology

A conversation guided by your astrological chart – a map of the sky when you were born – offers you a fresh perspective and greater clarity on what is happening for you.

Your Mini-profile
45 minutes

your profile and Year AheaD
75 minutes

Your Relationship
90 minutes

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Your mini-profile
45 minutes

Experience the power of astrology by shining a spotlight on one specific area of your life in a taster consultation.   


Say an astrological ‘hello’ to where you focus your energy, what drives you and how you operate.

Choose one of three options to explore:

 A.   Relationship Patterns
Review what you need, give and take in relationships, how you communicate that, and what makes you feel alive.

B.   Working Life
Focus on your path to success, your purpose in life, and the opportunities and challenges you meet along the way.

C.    A Key Pattern
Explore how a major astrological dynamic in your chart operates in your life; I can identify this for you on your behalf.

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your profile and Year Ahead
75 minutes

Get better equipped to address your most pressing issues through understanding yourself and the lie of the land more clearly.

Reflect on who you really are, where you shine and where you get stuck.

Your Year Ahead
Learn about the opportunities and challenges passing your way in the upcoming twelve months.

New Position
Gain fresh perspective and greater clarity on the matters you want to tackle as reflected in your profile and forecast.

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your Relationship
90 minutes

Discover a new point of view on a romantic, platonic, work, family or any other kind of relationship (with the other person's permission for us to work with their chart).

Two People
Consider your respective needs, preferences and styles as individuals independent of your relationship.

What You Do To Each Other
Take a fresh look at how you connect - or not - in different ways, and at the dynamics of how you experience the other person.

Both Of You Together
Get clearer on what the relationship itself needs to thrive as well as what each of you brings to the table. 

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Is an astrological consultation right for ME?

Book an initial complimentary consultation to help you to decide whether a taster session is right for you.

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Clients can request and receive a full refund if they are not satisfied with their consultation experience.