Sun Sign Season

Why 2018 Begins In The Middle Of January And Your Resolutions Need To Last 3 Years

Sun in Capricorn Season
21 December 2017 - 19 January 2018

Image by Annette Keys courtesy of Unsplash

Image by Annette Keys courtesy of Unsplash

Got the New Year Blues?

Don't worry if you haven't quite pressed the reset button for the new year just yet.  Maybe you launched your resolutions but are no longer following them?

2018 started with an emotional release and a bang.  That's how it can feel when a new year co-incides with a Full Moon in Cancer, and Uranus stations direct after 5 months of retrograde, or backward, motion.

Magical Moons Switch It Up

A total lunar eclipse and Supermoon in 'watch me' Leo at the end of this month is the culmination of last August's attention-grabbing Leo total solar eclipse.  That's a whole other story.

This blog post is about the Capricorn new Moon on 17 January.  The days following this lunation is when your new year really begins.  

Capricorn Rules O.K.

The new Moon joins the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in disciplined, determined, eyes-on-the-prize Capricorn.  It'll be much easier to get - and to keep - going with your resolutions from then on.

As most of the planetary pile-up in Capricorn squares firecracker Uranus in Aries, something can turnaround your determination to succeed beyond the fears and doubts that usually hold you back.

Go For It 

Action planet Mars and 'give it a go' Jupiter are still close enough in laser-focused, fixed Scorpio that whatever you initiate at this new Moon, you're unlikely to be thrown off your course of action.  

Scorpio is Mars' natural turf.  Just go with your gut and - with a push from Jupiter and a shove from Uranus - then some.  There is a risk you may go too far.  Just as excited new year's eve partygoers do. 

Be Productive Not Reflective

There are no planets in Air at this new Moon.  This is not a time for analysis paralysis.  It's a big dollop of planets in practical, high-yielding Earth.  It's all about what you do, make, build.        

You still have time to organise your plan for what you want to achieve this year.  Besides, Mercury doesn't leave its retrograde shadow - the tail-end of a research and review period - until 10 January.

Chart by Astro Gold

Chart by Astro Gold

plan ahead to December 2020

This year it's wise to make resolutions for the next 3 years, not just for 2018.  The new year more or less aligns with the start of Saturn's three year staycation in Capricorn until 16 December 2020.  

Every time Saturn enters a new zodiac sign it's time to start building in a new area of your life for the duration of his stay.  Now that Saturn is back in his home sign, it'll be easier to make sh*t happen.   

Saturn: A Planet With A Plan

While Saturn's happy to be home, he isn't exactly chilling out in his PJs and slippers.  He's got plans.  He's asking you to make plans in the Capricorn-ruled area of your life, as shown in your astrological chart.

What do you want to achieve?  What are your long-term goals?  How are you going to turn them into reality?  How ambitious are you?  Do your plans allow for your own, other people's and life's limits?      

Have an investment mindset 

In this first year, lay solid foundations for your structured, doable challenge to get to where you want to be. To produce whatever gives you deep satisfaction.  A sense of mastery.  Respect.  Your place in society.   

Begin and then just keep going.  And keep going.  Don't give up.  Ever.  Things worth being, doing, having take time to construct.  Be responsible for the fruits of your labour.  That is Saturn's message to you.

Hang In There

Take regular, small steps towards the consequences you want to materialise.  At times it will feel as if you are going nowhere.  Keep your eyes on the prize.  Persist.  Be patient.  Eventually you will arrive.      

Do the work and to do it well.  Even when you don't feel like it.  That is how you earn Saturn's prizes.  He will test your commitment, standards and integrity along they way.  Sloppy, half-baked efforts turn him off.

Go Slow And Steady

Learn to say 'no' to manage expectations and resources - especially your own.  Slow down to adjust and hone your plan as needed.  Focus on what brings you closer to your long-term goals and ditch the rest.

Saturn is indifferent to excuses and blaming others because you're understandably tired, bored or fed up. Expect obstacles, rejection and ennui.  Adults find a way to deal with them.  It's hard.  That's life.  Get real.  

Make Your Time On Planet Earth Count

Practical challenges are not what prevent us from reaping Saturn's rewards.  Our doubts and fears about not being enough get in the way.  Knowing we are limited is inescapable.  No wonder it hurts.

Cynicism hides feeling inadequate and mortal.  Saturn in Capricorn says keep on regardless.  Make a difference while you are here.  Be useful to your equally flawed and very capable fellow human beings. 

What Is Success For You?

The road to success is a long and winding one.  Are you pursuing your own version of success, or someone else's?  Saturn in Capricorn is time to define your own take on achievement.  Own it.

This month's Capricorn New Moon square innovative Arian Uranus enables - or requires - you to push past your inhibitions about what you think others expect of you.  Rise to the challenge you most want to meet.  

You Can Handle It

Prior to Saturn's arrival in Capricorn on 20 December 2017, he spent 3 years in Sagittarius.  As he squared image-maker Neptune, heartbreaking stories of people escaping horror across the globe filled the media.

We also witnessed incredible human endurance in the most dire situations.  Saturn knows how grim life can be.  He also demonstrates how people can miraculously cope with far more than we imagine possible.

play the long game

Working with Saturn cultivates an acceptance of life as it is, not the reality TV version.  He demands things are done properly and realistically.  Operate accordingly and be handsomely rewarded at the end of 2020.

That might feel like ages away.  The effort and wait are worth their weight in gold.  The inner sense of being truly present in the world is priceless.  Material wellbeing and wealth are also Saturnian gifts.

Image by Kaidi Guo courtesy of Unsplash

Image by Kaidi Guo courtesy of Unsplash

the bigger picture

Once paradigm-shifting Uranus lands in earthbound Taurus this May, the firm ground that Saturn treads will feel much less stable.  It's a sensation we'll all get used to as we begin to re-envision our environment.

Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 has intensified all Capricorn activity and will do so for a few more years yet. When Saturn and Pluto meet in 2020, a whole new set of societal structures will begin to emerge globally.

start your trek to december 2020

Here's an outline, by sun sign, of the areas of life in which Saturn promises to honour you in exchange for your hard graft in his Earth realm.  Take a look at your ascendant or rising sign too if you know what it is.

If you are already trekking up your respective mountain(s), like the stoical Capricorn mountain goat, raise your game to maximise your prospects of reaching the peak.  Saturn favours excellence (not perfection).

where to build for success by sun sign/ rising sign

Aries  Your work, career, public image and reputation
Taurus  Your learning, start up or other horizon-expanding venture
Gemini  Your most trusted connections, wealth and investments
Cancer  Your committed partnerships, significant others and collaborators
Leo  Your daily routines, diet and exercise habits, lifestyle
Virgo  Your romantic and creative life, pleasure and recreation, children
Libra  Your home, family and roots, property, origins
Scorpio  Your local community, social life, friends, siblings
Sagittarius Your income, finances, products, output, sense of self-worth
Capricorn Your priorities, appearance, vitality, approach to life
Aquarius  Your self-care, time out, inner life, privacy
Pisces  Your group endeavours, teams, network, causes

get clear on your goals

Unsure about your goals?  Who do you respect most in this area?  What is it about them and/or what they do that you envy?  That is what you most need to work on creating for yourself.  Awkward but true.  

There will be times when you feel blocked, rejected and denied on the road to success.  It's part of the maturing process.  Saturn is testing how bad you really want it.  Stick with it and you'll both find out.

Your Sun in Capricorn Action

Saturn was last in Capricorn between 1988-1991.  What was happening for you at that time?  That's a clue as to how things might play out during his current 2017-2020 stay in Capricorn.

Is this the first time you are experiencing Saturn in Capricorn?  If so, you are having your Saturn return. Collect your first 'I'm an adult' badge and continue on Saturn's road to more maturity, wisdom and mastery.

What Do You Do When Your Survival Instinct Kicks In?

Sun in Scorpio Season
23 October – 21 November 2017

Image by Lali Masiera/ Magdeleine

Image by Lali Masiera/ Magdeleine

The Sun's annual stay in Scorpio shines an extra bright light on our instinctual life as Jupiter's presence in Scorpio since 10 October 2017 questions the integrity with which we handle the animal part of our nature.

Jupiter's arrival in Scorpio marked the end of the silence protecting Harvey Weinstein.  Instead of getting caught in the sordid details of his abuse of power, ask what you do when you feel your survival is at stake.

Scorpio’s Shady Reputation

The rage, shame and reckoning the Weinstein story evokes all fall within the Scorpio realm.  Primal emotions are hard for so-called civilised society to stomach so they live underground.

Until they meet the light of the Sun.  Jupiter in Scorpio morally magnifies the Sun in Scorpio shining on violations of raw, natural power.  It is big news: Jupiter visits every zodiac sign only once every 12 years.

Don’t Fake It

What is the right thing to do when you feel extremely vulnerable?  Together, the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio seek the absolute emotional truth.  Hiding from or denying your baser instincts will not work. 

Even if you have never sat on the Hollywood casting couch, you will have experienced feeling powerless. Whether the danger is real or not,  your survival instinct kicks in.  Do you hear it?  What happens for you?  

Can You Smell Your Gut Calling?

How attuned are you to your gut's call to action for survival?  If you are tuned in, you might experience an overwhelming urge to destroy the perceived threat.  You might want to run away.  Or just freeze.  

Perhaps you are such a ‘nice’, civilised person that you rely fully on your head and do not notice your body's call for self-preservation.  After all, we are not living in caves and jungles anymore.  Or are we?   

Responding and Reacting

Upon sensing your gut alarm, you have a choice.  You can react in blind knee-jerk fashion.  Or, you can pause to check and assess the danger.  Then you can respond, blending instinct with reason. 

Saturn’s 2012-2015 visit to Scorpio was a tough training in responding versus reacting.  Jupiter’s current year-long stay in Scorpio can help to heal any residual emotionally stuck reactions.

When the Tables are Turned

Imagine you have the upper hand in any given situation.  Do you by any chance resort to humiliating behaviour to maintain your feeling of being in charge?  It could be in tiny, subtle, even unspoken ways. 

Even the kindest, most ‘normal’ people can react destructively when their sense of being in control evaporates.  A firm ‘no’, (re)asserting a healthy boundary or taking time out might work just as well.   

Scorpio Equals Survival

Scorpio is ruled by the planets of survival.  On a personal level by night warrior Mars, and collectively, by Pluto, mythical lord of the underworld. 

Scorpio is necessarily an extreme sign.  It is a matter of life and death.  Overreaction is understandable.  Still, how does that help you when your survival instinct has been triggered by, say, a traffic jam?

Is It Really ‘The End’?

Sometimes an ending really is on the horizon.  Having to say goodbye to a job, a relationship, a life can hurt like hell.  But Jupiter can can help you to learn to let go.  Accepting death is the first law of survival.   

Scorpio takes you to the edge to remind you that everything has to end sometime.  But, is it really over or just time to renew?  Jupiter in Scorpio opens up new emotional pathways until 7 November 2018.  

Your Sun in Scorpio Action

Pay attention next time your gut calls.  You are part animal.  We all are.

Breathe.  Calm down, assess the danger and consider your options.  Even if a split second is all you have.  

Honour your survival instinct.  In a genuine, life/death scenario, trust yourself and life to look after you. Taking time to respond - rather than reacting - as best you can is usually enough to stay safe and alive.

Can You Pursue Harmony Over Hassle?

sun in libra season
22 September - 22 October 2017

Image by Sarah Cervantes courtesy of Unsplash

Image by Sarah Cervantes courtesy of Unsplash

Natalie Reynolds, author of ‘We Have A Deal: How to Negotiate with Intelligence, Flexibility and Power’ speaks of the need for difference of 'thought, opinion, background, perspective, approach and style’ at the negotiation table.  

How fitting that she highlighted gender diversity as a critical factor for success on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, on the eve of the Sun's move into Libra: the zodiac sign of finding common ground.  

venus, mars and gender diversity

This is not about women against men (or the other way round).  Every person's astrological chart has a Venus and a Mars.  

How much can your Venus collaborate, make peace and unite?  How much can your Mars compete, challenge and take charge?  Both have a role in negotiations of all kinds.

My way or our way?

Compromise is a dirty word when you want everything your own way.  But how do you maintain relationships without give and take?  

While the Sun travels through Libra between 22 September and 22 October 2017, we all have a chance to practice being better partners in all areas of our lives.  Libra is ruled by Venus.  

make peace not war 

Make sure your partnerships cater for what each party wants.  Aim to restore balance when things go too far in either direction.  Be specific and diplomatic when 'calling out’ unacceptable behaviour.  

Shine like the Libran Sun by sustaining the relationship.  Not by tearing the other person to pieces.  

observe the ORDINARY

Venus is in daily life-oriented Virgo for all but the last week of the Sun’s time in Libra.  Pay extra attention to your everyday interactions.

Mars is also in Virgo so being thoughtfully assertive is the best way to get your own way.  

partnership power

Yesterday, I met a professional couple where the woman is the business brain and the man is the technical genius.  Libra rules all committed one-to-one pairings not just romantic ones. 

They share a strong work ethic, recognise each other’s complementary talents, and acknowledge they need each other.  In their words, ‘together we are greater than the sum of our parts’.

do you prefer to lead or follow?

Knowing and being honest with yourself about the the balance between your capacity to yield and your urge to dominate helps you to negotiate partnerships that fit you.

An astrological consultation reveals more about your personal preferences so that you can enjoy the kind of harmony that suits you.  And your partners might appreciate that too.  


Over the month ahead, try to be more Venus than Mars, whatever that means for you.  What do you notice about the harmony versus hassle factor?