Romeo finds his Juliet: a preview of Uranus' move into Taurus

Image courtesy of Robin Moore, Global Wildlife Conservation

Image courtesy of Robin Moore, Global Wildlife Conservation

How 'Uranus meets Taurus' is this romantic encounter between these almost extinct frogs, Romeo and Juliet?!? They have been brought together to mate to save their species.

Romeo: " really calm and relaxed and doesn't move a whole lot...he's healthy and likes to eat, but he is kind of shy and slow." Chilled and hungry = Taurus.

Juliet: "She's really energetic, she swims a lot and she eats a lot and sometimes she tries to escape." Uranus splits when life gets a bit boring.

Uranus does not re-enter Taurus until 6th March 2019 (and will remain there until Summer 2026) so we still have a few more weeks until totally new ground is broken in the Taurean realm.

The Moon entered Taurus today. That's like a much swifter, lighter touch rehearsal of Uranus entering Taurus. Romeo and Juliet's story is a micro preview (Moon) of what it's like to have your world turned upside down (Uranus).

That's not as catastrophic as it sounds. Uranus' job is to shake up whatever's got stuck and staid. Poor ol' Romeo's been waiting to meet someone special for 10 years! Taureans are famously patient.

We've already had a few pointers as to what Uranus will revolutionise in the coming seven years for society as a whole. While Uranus spent the latter part of 2018 in Taurus, veganism went mainstream, fintech exploded and concern for our environment sharpened. Taurus is all about resources. Uranus compels us to the think outside the box about how we generate, sustain and protect them.

This year, Saturn and Pluto inch closer together in Capricorn, Taurus’ fellow earth sign. Their proximity is bolstered by three Capricorn eclipses: we'll all be required to get real, meet our obligations and to work within our limits. When the majority of the outer planets are positioned in earth signs, our attention is directed to what's real, tangible and finite.

Jupiter is strong in Sagittarius for most of 2019 so we are also blessed with opportunities to adventure and to expand our horizons. Gambling under Jupiter’s auspices often pays off. Take your chances and enjoy the ride!

But the main astrological headline of 2019 is still Uranus' imminent move into Taurus. What does it mean for you?

Think back to last Spring, around 15th May 2018, when Uranus moved into Taurus for the first time since 1934. Mars squared Uranus the day after just to make sure you didn't miss it. That was a sneak preview of what's about to get turned upside down for you over the coming seven years once Uranus resumes zig zagging through Taurus in early March.

Taureans, people with planets and/or angles in the early degrees of fixed signs Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and/or Aquarius, and those with Uranus potently configured in their natal charts will all remember mid-May last year for sure. But, we're all going to notice something shifting because an outer planet changing sign impacts everyone to some degree.

One more thing. Uranus is unpredictable. Just when you think you know what's what, he'll surprise you from leftfield. It’ll be something beyond anything you could have imagined. A revelation.

The textbook response is to trash everything in whichever area of your life Uranus reveals himself. The urge to smash the whole thing to smithereens is not to be underestimated. Uranus invites you to break the mould. It’s obsolete: you need a new one.

Uranus wants you to breathe new life into what’s expired. Discarding the past to begin all over again from scratch is the obvious way to start afresh. But, it’s not the only way. After all, with Taurus, something always endures. Working out what that is and sustaining it is the challenge - even though it might feel as if ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ is the answer.

Besides, you have seven years of Uranus in Taurus to innovate on what to hold on to, what to nurture, and what to ditch. Take your time figuring out your version of the paradigm shift Uranus demands from all of us.

You may well conclude that a brand new start is the way forward for you. Aim for your response to Uranus to be a choice rather than a compulsion. Outer planet moves are often experienced as divine injunctions. Expressing a true personal response is much harder than being carried along with the collective reaction.

Steady, reliable and tactile, that’s Taurus. Uranus is an erratic, detached firework. It’s a much less congruous pairing than Uranus in Aries; the sign where Uranus has spent the last seven years, and where they shared a direct, sharp immediacy. The cycle of life keeps moving and carries us along.

Enjoy the ride.

With blessings to Romeo and Juliet, and fingers crossed, their baby frogs.