Howard Schulz Moves On After Three Jupiter Cycles of Caffeine-fuelled Growth at Starbucks

 Image by Free-Photos/ 9114 courtesy of Pixaby

Image by Free-Photos/ 9114 courtesy of Pixaby

Starbucks has grown immensely during Howard Schulz’s time with them.  From 11 to over 28,000 stores and a share price that has escalated by 21,000%.  Jupiter is more.  His big feet are all over this success story.  In his own chart, Howard Schulz has Venus (money) conjunct Jupiter (opportunity) in Gemini (trade).  He’s a natural businessman.

Now, after 36 years - or three full Jupiter cycles of 12 years each - Mr. Schulz is done with coffee.

Jupiter is also the big picture, a global perspective.  Last January, Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz pledged to hire 10,000 refugees globally.  Still, when Uranus entered Taurus last month on 15th May it met Howard Schulz in his solar chart 11th house (calculated by placing his Cancer Sun in the 1st house).  His hopes for society,  and any political aspirations he harbours, have been shaken not merely stirred.  

Based on an estimated noon birth time, transiting Uranus is opposing his Moon at 1 Scorpio, the ruler of his Cancer Sun, which in turn conjoins Mars in Cancer.  If this is accurate, is it any wonder Mr. Schulz wants to spend the Summer with his family (Cancer, the Moon) and to write?  Symbolically, the Moon is the recorder and container of our memories: and vital to a Moon-ruled Cancerian. 

Uranus demands nothing less than breaking through the boundaries that hold the current iteration of your life.  Even if you’re a wildly successful CEO.  Until Uranus slips back into Aries late Autumn, Howard Schulz has breathing space to figure out what moving well beyond (Uranus) his comfort zone (Moon) constitutes for him. 

 Chart by Astro Gold

Chart by Astro Gold

Uranus at 19 Cancer natally completes Howard Schulz's Cancer stellium, with the Sun and Mars at 26 and 23 Cancer respectively.  The 'live' Mars in Aquarius-Uranus in Taurus transiting square is therefore something he is likely to experience quite acutely.  It's a tense rearrangement of a sharp natal connection.  It also creates a Fixed T-square with his Moon (if indeed it is at 1 Scoprio).  The pressure (square) is not just to refresh his vision of progress (as Uranus changes sign) but to do something about it (squared by Mars).  What that is is not yet clear.   

Howard Schulz's last day on the Starbucks board is 26 June 2018: the day that Mars stations retrograde and begins to tighten the screws of the challenging Mars-Uranus square.  This timing just underlines how plugged in he is to current events.  Trump was elected on Mars' ingress into Aquarius.  Schulz is clearly not a fan of the President.  Will there be a change of plan about Schulz's departure from Starbucks?  Retrograde stations often signify reversed decisions.  

Or, it could just mark the start of Howard Schulz's reflections on what he wants to do next, until Mars resumes direct motion on 27th August 2018 (although Mars doesn't exit his retrograde shadow until 9th October 2018.  It would be best to hold of any decisive action until then).  Natally, Mr. Schulz's Mars is weak in its sign of fall (Cancer) and combust (very close to) the Sun.  Mars probably isn't his favourite planet.  

Schulz’s Venus is much more accommodating, and blessed by its conjunction to lucky Jupiter.  On the day of the announcement of his departure from Starbucks, transiting Venus was conjunct his natal Uranus.  A pleasant moment of respite for him in an otherwise tough Mars-Uranus time.  

Observe Howard Schulz over the coming months to see what he might get up to over the next 8 years while Uranus travels through Taurus.  The movie trailer phase of Uranus in Taurus runs from 15th May to 5th November 2018.  In his own words, "I want to be of service to our country, but that doesn't mean I need to run for public office to accomplish that."  This statement clearly reflects the kind of desire that Uranus in the 11th house stimulates.

Uranus-driven behaviour (at least the unconscious version) is rarely what we expect.  We’re in for a surprise – or a shock.  Uranus can oblige either way.