Clock The Good Stuff: Venus Conjuncts the Leo North Node Before Facing Off Mars


Tomorrow, Venus gets cosy with the North Node at 7 Leo.  

She'll be inviting you to notice what makes you feel good.  Whatever Venus suggests will bring you fulfilment (North Node).  Take note, and engage (Venus) in that direction.

The Leo feel-good factor will be both muted and underlined as Venus and the Node are quincunx serious, dutiful Saturn at 6 Capricorn.  It's awkward - but essential - to follow your heart (Leo).

Venus' uplifting vibe is also challenged by opposing Mars in Aquarius.  In a fixed Air sign, fiery Mars operates with cooler detachment.  And he's still charged by free spirit Uranus' square from Taurus.

The Venus-Mars opposition is exact in two days.  It's a pretty rare astronomical phenomenon.  These two last stood face to face in May 2016 and won't do so again until November 2020.  

Thursday's transit's origins are in the Venus-Mars conjunction of 5th October 2017 at 18 Virgo.  Whatever started then got tested at the opening square of that cycle on 25th February with Venus-Mars at 17 Pisces/ Sagittarius. 

Things comes to a head on 21st June when the transiting opposition perfects.  The tension climaxes.  

How do you balance a desire for harmony (Venus) and some respectability (quincunx Saturn) with what really turns you on (Mars), and threatens to turn your life upside-down (square Uranus)?  That's the conflict. 

How honest are you about your own - and others' - need for romance and attention (Leo)?  What do you do to make space for freer, social bonds - and time out from everyone (Aquarius)?  That's also part of the picture.

Given the rarity of this Venus-Mars match, everyone is likely to experience it in some way.  Your astrological chart will speak to which side of the Venus-Mars and Leo-Aquarius axes you align with more comfortably.  

It's a fine balancing act when planets meet head-to-head.  Will you handle this situation as drama or negotiate a way through?  You do have a choice as to how you respond.        

This opposition comes with extra spice as Venus and Mars confront each other at 9 degrees: the same degree at which Mars turns retrograde next Tuesday, until 27th August.  Time to reevaluate your actions.  

If you end up in a battle (or embrace - it's Venus and Mars, after all) at least you'll have a good few months to work it all out.  Venus also retraces her steps between 5th October and 17th November.  Revisit your values.

If you're already clear about where you stand on these matters then this transit is more likely to manifest as the result of how you've balanced differing requirements, and the retrograde phases are more a period of consolidation.  

Since Neptune turned retrograde in Pisces yesterday (for around 5 months), you might not care either way about any of this.  Still, now you've got a heads up, you can't say you weren't warned.

Chart by Astro Gold

Chart by Astro Gold