The Revolution Was Televised - Uranus and Pluto in Royal British Style

 Harry and Meghan Kiss image by US Weekly

Harry and Meghan Kiss image by US Weekly

Harry and Meghan are hitched.  In the midst of a crumbling, uncertain world, romance stole the day, and the headlines yesterday.  Many congratulations to the happy couple, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

The royal wedding was a masterclass in how to deal with challenging transits.  A tough planetary line-up at the official noon start of the wedding applied very acute pressure to the Queen’s chart, and thereby the monarchy as a whole.

Transiting Pluto was firmly planted on the Queen’s Capricorn Ascendant.  Inexorable, profound change was staring her, and the institution she has devoted her life to, hard in the face.  Sensitivity to this demand was heightened as the transiting Moon in Cancer, had just past an opposition to transiting Pluto.

The humdinger was transiting Uranus.  It was partile by conjunction - or smack bang on top of - her 0° Taurus Sun within the prior hour.  A booming siren call to wake up to a whole new way of being. 

Uranus’ push to break with the past to make way for something totally different was made very clear to the Queen and the immediate line of succession.  Prince Charles’ Moon is also at 0° Taurus.  Prince William has Jupiter at 0° Scorpio, by opposition.  Even Harry, much further down the line of succession, has Pluto at 0° Scorpio. 

 Bi-wheel courtesy of Solar Fire

Bi-wheel courtesy of Solar Fire

The Queen and her family rose to the planetary challenge. 

Harry and Meghan's nuptials were a radically different kind of British royal wedding, just as Uranus ordained.  The royal family could have ignored, resisted or fought the need to change.  More often then not, we struggle to accept outer planet demands.  The solar system's 'big guns', Uranus, Neptune and Pluto always insist on breaking down the essential structure of our life.  It's an inevitable part of the process of creating a new future.  Outer planet transits are typically a scary, unsettling time lasting several months.     

The royal family have not only accepted but publicly embraced Harry and Meghan's marriage.

The gospel Kingdom Choir was requested to attend by the monarch in waiting, Prince Charles. Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason enchanted guests and the wider audience with his beautiful music.  Both performances ensured #BlackRoyalWedding and #BlackExcellence trended on Twitter. 

Still, it was the fifteen minute sermon on the power of love, referencing slavery and Martin Luther King, by Episcopalian preacher, the Most Reverand Michael Curry, that really woke the audience up.  He was invited to speak at the wedding by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverand and Right Honourable Justin Welby.  Uranus' arrival in Taurus ignited the Archbishop's chart by squaring his natal Uranus 0° Leo.  No wonder he initiated the invitation, and subsequently described the sermon as 'raw (Taurus) god (Leo)'.  Prince Charles walking Megan down the aisle and offering a helping hand to her mother Doria Ragland for the signing of the registry were also notable moments of understated revolution. 

This all started with Harry’s choice of bride: a bi-racial, American, feminist, celebrity, divorcee who is older than him.  

Meghan was born with Uranus stationary direct and co-ruling her 8th house, in both Placidus and Equal House systems.  She is a super-strength, concentrated dose of revolutionary energy (Uranus SD).  Her livewire spirit is most strongly expressed through her most intimate bonds: her marriage, and her charitable joint ventures (8th house).  Meghan has already made it known that she is keen to help the royal family to evolve, and to 'do good' with Harry, especially in the commonwealth countries.

Uranian Meghan’s official arrival in the royal family - timed within the same week Uranus changed sign -  heralds a new chapter for a very resilient British institution.  The wedding time positions of Uranus and Pluto in the Queen’s chart show that the monarchy has to innovate (Uraunus) or face extinction (Pluto).  The royal family have understood this.  As one royal commentator noted, the role of monarchy is to bridge the past with the present.  

Meghan’s marriage to Harry envisions a world in which people connect – and fall in love – beyond racial, social, cultural and geographical boundaries.  The monarchy has to evolve to represent a new world order, as Pluto transitions from Capricorn (hierarchy) to Aquarius (community) in the coming years if it is to remain viable and relevant.

The royal wedding illustrates that ‘bad’ transits do not inevitably spell doom.  Outer planets are very hard to handle on an individual level because they trace huge impersonal, generational cycles.  They typically feel scary and overwhelming, as if your options are extremely limited.  Understanding what the planets want from you and responding accordingly is the best you can do.  Yesterday’s celebrations - all of which will have been approved by the Queen - demonstrated that beautifully.  

A new vision (Uranus) of the royal family was televised to almost two billion live viewers around the world.  It was a very pleasant affair because Taurus energy is calm, serene and sensual.  But make no mistake, it was the start of a revolution.  That is what Uranus at 0° of a new sign means.  Much more will unfold in unexpected directions during the next 8 years of Uranus' time in Taurus.  The British monarchy will be one of its main beneficiaries, and it won't be to every one's taste.  Uranus has an avant-garde flavour; it brings you the future before you're ready for it.  Life moves on.

Long live the queen.