A Sunny, Square Day in London: Mercury in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn

Image by AlexVan courtesy of Pixabay 

Image by AlexVan courtesy of Pixabay 

It’s a sunny day in London - at last!!!  We’ve longed for Spring sunshine in England this year, after a biting cold Winter.  Then again, patience can be a good thing as today’s main planetary aspect, Mercury in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn, reminds us.

The fast, pushy energy (Aries) of something childlike and curious (Mercury) is being blocked or contained (square) by something older, wiser and more cautious – or boring (Saturn) – in a very practical, tangible way (Capricorn).

Squaring Off: Aries and Capricorn

A square is a challenge.  How do two signs which are essentially at odds co-exist?  Being positioned at a 90° right-angle to each other means the planets in Aries and Capricorn are not at ease with each other.  It’s anything from awkward to downright hostile.    

Either way, the underlying feeling is one of tension.  Mercury is the zodiac’s swiftest mover except for the Moon, so the ‘be patient’ note is more post-it than red pen.  It’s over quickly.  You might have felt it more yesterday.  The peak experience is often strongest during the anticipation.  

Take 1: The Harsh Version

Earlier today my elderly neighbour (Mercury) Jane told me she fell due to her ‘poor balance’ – Aries is the opposite of Libran balance.  Fortunately, Jane is not seriously hurt.  Her doctor says, ‘slow down, you’re getting older!’.  Saturn in Capricorn is both the doctor and the ageing process.

Can Mercury in Aries be a significator for an elderly female?  Jane stands out in her beautiful, bright African clothes.  She’s a white Welsh native who used to be married to a Nigerian gentleman.  Jane also regularly sets off on impromptu travels to feed her adventurous spirit.

Take 2: The Helpful Version

This morning I also learned that Vauxhall City Farm is running a ‘New Shoots’ employability skills programme for unemployed 18-25 year olds.  Aries is Spring, and new starts.  Like Jane, the participants are Mercury in Aries in spirit rather than calendar age.  Their energy is direct, and a bit random. 

The invitation describes ‘a fun, practical, hands-on, programme designed to…set and achieve your personal goals…develop real skills for work…and gain a new qualification’.  The supportive farm is Saturn in the final Earth sign Capricorn - you don’t get more earthy than a Farm!  It's a project with a purpose.

Be Patient not A Patient

While I’m relieved she’s not too worse for wear, Jane experienced the hard side of a Saturn square.  She got hurt.  By contrast, the farm is playing a responsible role in holding, stabilising and organising energy in productive ways.  That’s the beneficial side of today’s square.  Take care and play the long game.

Which side of the square do you identify with most?

Aries say something useful, acknowledging the ultimately fruitful, if frustrating, block you cannot avoid.

Capricorn be grown up while making space for a little dynamism to spice up your life.  It's good for you.

It might be easier to make sense of today by also taking into account what happened on 11th March and what might happen on 25th April, 2018.  These are the three dates when Mercury squares Saturn as part of Mercury’s current retrograde - direct, backwards and direct again – motion.