Today's Air Strikes in Syria

There is still hope in this sad situation

Image by quimono/434 courtesy of Pixaby

Image by quimono/434 courtesy of Pixaby

I woke up to news of today’s airstrikes in Syria by the US and its allies.  My heart sank.  Then I remembered that today Jupiter in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn.  Did Trump see an astrologer before he choose today to exercise what he called ‘righteous (Jupiter) power (Pluto)’?

This post is not about the complexity of the Syrian situation, the merits of the decision to send missiles, or what the true motives behind firing them might be.  I just want to flag that while the consequences of today’s strike are yet to unfold, their timing means things are not as bad as they seem.

Jupiter sextile pluto: danger with benefits  

Today is not a day for any old gamble (Jupiter), but one that takes it to the wire (Pluto).  It’s a very good idea (sextile) to go that little bit further than you normally would (Scorpio sextile Capricorn).  Jupiter, the good guy, is in Scorpio: good fortune is in the darkness.  With Scorpio’s co-ruler Pluto as his partner in in Capricorn, a primitive urge overrides respect for society's institutions.  The feeling that one's survival is at stake fuels the 'give it a go' move that results from Jupiter and Pluto's connection. 

If ever there is a time for a British Prime Minister to act without Parliamentary approval -  a hot topic in itself - it’s today.  As a Libran, Theresa May’s whole life is about the struggle to make the ‘right’ decision.  'Prime ministers don't choose the decisions that face them. But they have to judge which way to jump', says BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg.  What others make of May's decision is another matter entirely.  

In a year in which there are no major encounters between the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Jupiter’s beneficial hook up with Pluto is more significant than usual.  The planet of lucky breaks has got Pluto’s back.  A sextile is the best aspect: a balance of flow and effort.  It’s got legs.

Believe it or not - Jupiter sextile Pluto goes to the core of what you believe - there is hope hidden in this situation.  The positive side is hard to see right now as the drive to survive (Pluto) is stronger than the impulse for optimism (Jupiter).  Jupiter is in the dark (Scorpio), and retrograde, or appearing to move backwards through the sky. 

today is the best day in 2018 to take a BIG, scary risk

Today is the second of three meetings between favourable Jupiter and uncompromising Pluto.  The middle contact is often the most potent in three-stage transits.  The two planets met already on 16th January 2018; the roots of today’s strike link to that date.  The better side of this situation might only become more apparent after Jupiter goes direct later this year on 10th July, not too long after Jupiter and Pluto make contact for a third and last time on 12th September 2018.  Jupiter does not leave his retrograde shadow until a month later on 11th October, so something on this theme is still playing out until then, even after Jupiter resumes forward motion, albeit in a more muted way.

There is a new Moon in Aries on Monday, conjunct unpredictable Uranus.  Aries is the astrological home of the military, machismo and guns.  There is likely to be much more heated exchange (Mercury is also in Aries) on these themes in the month ahead, and of a nature we cannot yet fully anticipate (Uranus). 

Right now Mercury is stationing to turn direct tomorrow.  While he was retrograde, the inclination was to be less direct and more reflective.  As Mercury resumes forward motion, 'telling it straight' becomes the norm.   Whatever happens next is supposed to be informed by whatever came to light during the research period of this latest Mercury retrograde phase, which began last month on 23rd March.    

On 16th May 2018, Mars in Aquarius squares, and will be disposed by, Uranus.  That is the day after Uranus enters Taurus for the first time since 1934.  It’s a fever pitch day.  Perhaps the most dangerous one this year.  If the missiles had been fired on that day instead of today, that would be a lot more troublesome.  Having Jupiter in the mix today ensures a beneficial dimension.  Exactly how, is not yet obvious.  Today's strikes are too late to stop Assad's regime - but it might wake up the world to how close to the edge we are.  Much less ideally, Jupiter's luck could provide the political leaders of the U.S.A, the U. K. and France with a much-needed distraction from their challenging domestic situations.    

what risk will take you to the edge?

So, what do we do in all of this?  The planetary set up applies to each of us as much as it applies to Trump and May.  Today, the sky says 'take a big risk'.  Not a few small footsteps out of your comfort zone but something that really scares the sh*t out of you.  Does the risk terrify (Scorpio) you?  If not, it's not big enough to count (Jupiter).  Try something more spine-chilling (Pluto in Capricorn). 

Where specifically in your life you need to flirt with danger depends on where Scorpio and Capricorn fall in your chart.  The intensity of the push is determined by whether Jupiter and Pluto’s positions correlate to planets and/or other sensitive points in your own chart.  If there is no contact between their placements and your chart, you may barely notice the pressure.  If the ‘go for it’ message resonates for you, or has done so in the last day or so: do it.  Jupiter is watching over you.  Your story’s timeline is outlined above.

Mars is the principle of assertion.  This can manifest as aggression or violence.  When Mars comes into conflict with ‘do something completely different – it’s the only way’ Uranus, as he will on 16th May, it would be wise to accept that you do indeed have to do something you’ve not done before, or at least, do it in a very different way.  Aim to do so assertively from a place of confidence rather than aggressively from fear to minimise the risk of 'group think' extreme actions, and outcomes you might later regret. 

fight the good fight 

Another astrological factor to add to the mix: early next week, Chiron enters Aries on 17th April for the first time since 1961.  It's a time to revisit how we do and fight for things, even if it's painful.  How can we act in a way that heals rather than harms?  It's all about using the best of Aries’ competitive spirit to tackle all battles with honour.  Healing (Chiron) is now found in engaging directly (Aries) with the hurt (Chiron).  

On Wednesday, the day after, Saturn turns retrograde until 6th September.  The rules (Saturn) of engagement are also up for review (retrograde) over the coming months.  

Jupiter's January-September dance with Pluto this year enables us all to get closer to the underbelly of what 'doing the right thing' really means, and not just for our politicians.