Can You Pursue Harmony Over Hassle?

sun in libra season
22 September - 22 October 2017

Image by Sarah Cervantes courtesy of Unsplash

Image by Sarah Cervantes courtesy of Unsplash

Natalie Reynolds, author of ‘We Have A Deal: How to Negotiate with Intelligence, Flexibility and Power’ speaks of the need for difference of 'thought, opinion, background, perspective, approach and style’ at the negotiation table.  

How fitting that she highlighted gender diversity as a critical factor for success on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, on the eve of the Sun's move into Libra: the zodiac sign of finding common ground.  

venus, mars and gender diversity

This is not about women against men (or the other way round).  Every person's astrological chart has a Venus and a Mars.  

How much can your Venus collaborate, make peace and unite?  How much can your Mars compete, challenge and take charge?  Both have a role in negotiations of all kinds.

My way or our way?

Compromise is a dirty word when you want everything your own way.  But how do you maintain relationships without give and take?  

While the Sun travels through Libra between 22 September and 22 October 2017, we all have a chance to practice being better partners in all areas of our lives.  Libra is ruled by Venus.  

make peace not war 

Make sure your partnerships cater for what each party wants.  Aim to restore balance when things go too far in either direction.  Be specific and diplomatic when 'calling out’ unacceptable behaviour.  

Shine like the Libran Sun by sustaining the relationship.  Not by tearing the other person to pieces.  

observe the ORDINARY

Venus is in daily life-oriented Virgo for all but the last week of the Sun’s time in Libra.  Pay extra attention to your everyday interactions.

Mars is also in Virgo so being thoughtfully assertive is the best way to get your own way.  

partnership power

Yesterday, I met a professional couple where the woman is the business brain and the man is the technical genius.  Libra rules all committed one-to-one pairings not just romantic ones. 

They share a strong work ethic, recognise each other’s complementary talents, and acknowledge they need each other.  In their words, ‘together we are greater than the sum of our parts’.

do you prefer to lead or follow?

Knowing and being honest with yourself about the the balance between your capacity to yield and your urge to dominate helps you to negotiate partnerships that fit you.

An astrological consultation reveals more about your personal preferences so that you can enjoy the kind of harmony that suits you.  And your partners might appreciate that too.  


Over the month ahead, try to be more Venus than Mars, whatever that means for you.  What do you notice about the harmony versus hassle factor?