Way Too Big For Your Boots? Stormzy, Net Neutrality and Saturn’s Last Days In Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius Season
22 November – 20 December 2017

 Image by Oziel Gomez courtesy of Unsplash

Image by Oziel Gomez courtesy of Unsplash

The planet of delay, Saturn, is right at the end of Sagittarius.  No wonder my Sagittarius season blog post is a few weeks late.  It has been a struggle to know what to say. 

Still, I know I cannot give up on this piece.  Saturn requires you to stick to the job, however impossible it seems.  Patience and perseverance lead to good outcomes with Saturn.

Saturn Takes and Gives

Saturn grounds you in the real world.  His favoured currency is hard graft.  He smiles on integrity and quality.  His top rewards are mastery, respect and material wellbeing.   

Saturn places major obstacles in your path so you have to slog long and hard for what you most want to achieve.  Only then can you fully appreciate the fruits of your labour.

You Gotta Work For It

Earn it.  That is Saturn’s message.  He makes you grow up.  He rids you of the notion that the world owes you anything.  He teaches you to deal with life as it is.  He wants you to get real.

Saturn is the less shiny side of life.  He reminds you that you are a flawed human being with a finite lifespan.  Appreciating limits makes you value your short time on Planet Earth.   

Mister Melancholy

Wherever Saturn is in your birth chart by sign and house is where you feel ‘not enough’.  Everyone else seems to have it so much easier.  For you, there is only lack. 

Traditionally, Saturn is linked to melancholy.  In modern times, we have depression.  Acknowledging the pain of feeling ‘less than’ is a starting point for living with limits.

Do It Yourself

Saturn teaches you to take responsibility for building the missing piece of yourself.  The satisfaction you acquire as a result is your reward.  You feel real and whole again.

This is a lifelong endeavour requiring your ongoing commitment in the face of inevitable setbacks and doubt.  Growing up is hard and boring.  Not doing it only exacerbates the pain.

Leave Your Ego at The Door

Saturn will knock you down a peg or two if you continue to behave like a child expecting others to be responsible for you when it is time for you to be responsible for yourself.

As BBC Music Artist of the Year 2017 Stormzy raps (with his dignified Saturn in Aquarius):

You're getting way too big for your boots
You're never too big for the boot
 Stormzy at the MTV EMAs 2017.  Image by Lia Toby/ WENN.com

Stormzy at the MTV EMAs 2017.  Image by Lia Toby/ WENN.com

Just Get On With It

People typically react to Saturn with fear, denial and avoidance.  And lots of moaning.  Who wants to have to deal with limits?  It is all good as long as you do the work as well.

Can you acknowledge where you hurt – instead of blaming your parents/boss/partner or whoever else you have given your authority away to?  If so, you are ready to rumble with Saturn.

The Long Road to Maturity

There are many times before and after the milestone Saturn returns every 30 odd years when you get tested on how grown up you really are.  It takes practice to truly mature.    

Life provides numerous opportunities to exercise responsibility as you head towards adulthood.  Do it right and Saturn rewards you handsomely.  Slackers get short shrift.

Saturn On Your Case

A forecast for your personal birth chart reveals when Saturn has his sights set on testing you, and in which areas of your life you can expect to experience his exacting standards.

After Saturn entered Sagittarius in December 2014, he spent Summer 2015 in Scorpio.  That was a time to (re)learn some very hard Scorpionic lessons about surviving excruciating loss.

A Worthwhile Investment

The duties and deadlines that Saturn imposes can be a real drag.  But, if you hang in there and pay your dues, the self-respect and mastery you eventually acquire are deeply fulfilling.

Wherever Saturn is in your birth chart, life is meant to be tough.  It seems as if all you hear is ‘no’.  If you listen more carefully, you will notice that what Saturn is really saying is ‘not yet’. 

Getting Real Feels So Good

You can only have the goodies after you have done what you need to do and done it well.  Saturn sets a high bar and expects you to meet it.  Shortcuts and sloppiness are not his bag.

It can take years to let go of resistance to Saturn’s relentless demands.  Once you rise to the challenge, you find your own authority and make peace with being human.  It feels great. 

Net Neutrality Alert

Right now, Saturn is at the final 29th crisis degree of Sagittarius: we are in denial about a global communication catastrophe.

The recent decision to weaken net neutrality has colossal implications for access to information the world over yet it has barely registered as a mainstream news story.

 Image by www.egyptinnovate.com

Image by www.egyptinnovate.com

There is more to come

This move was made on 14th December under Mercury retrograde.  More details on this story will emerge after Mercury clears its retrograde shadow on 10th January 2018.

By then, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto will all be in Capricorn.  That is a much more pragmatic, serious vibe compared to pie in the sky, play it by ear Sagittarius.   

Getting more real than ever

Saturn in Sagittarius’ focus is on honing a vision for the future.  Once Saturn returns to Capricorn next Wednesday, attention switches to the brass tacks of making that vision real.

With Saturn on his home turf until December 2020 (and again in Aquarius until March 2023 after that), we are obliged to get more real than ever to reach our most precious goals.

your sun in sagittarius action

Reflect on the last month in which the Sun, Mercury and Saturn have all been travelling through Sagittarius.  In what ways are you starting to reap the rewards of taking more responsibility for yourself and for accepting the inevitable limits of being human?