Profile: Brenda Hale, Baroness Hale of Richmond

 Baroness Hale of Richmond.  Image by The Guardian.

Baroness Hale of Richmond.  Image by The Guardian.

Baroness Hale is the United Kingdom’s most senior judge.  She was sworn in as the President of the Supreme Court last month and is the first woman to occupy the role.

This Yorkshirewoman’s path to this venerable position is littered with firsts.  She graduated top of her class at Cambridge University with the only starred first in law that year.

Baroness Hale was also the best-performing bar exams finalist in the year she became a barrister.  Her Mercury-Mars conjunction in Capricorn evidences her organised mind and mental stamina. 

She knows precisely which words to use and does so with gravitas.  What she says and what she does are aligned, and there is a plan behind behind both.

She was the first woman and youngest ever person to join the Law Commission in 1984, the statutory body responsible for promoting law reform. 

She has been instrumental in numerous major legislative reforms in areas including child protection, family matters and mental health.

Baroness Hale was the first academic to become a judge in the family division of the High Court.  In 2011, as a Supreme Court justice, her lead judgment ruled that domestic violence is not limited to physical violence.

As an Aquarian, she is ruled by both Saturn (societal law, tradition) and Uranus (game-changing innovation).  Baroness Hale’s brilliant legal career exquisitely blends both upholding and disrupting the status quo.

With her Sun co-ruled by and trine Uranus, breaking new ground comes easily to her.  This is especially so as both planets are in a grand Air trine with Neptune and Chiron in Libra. 

A grand trine depicts an innate talent for a particular kind of motivation.  Air is all about the life of the mind.   Abstract legal theory and ethics are Baroness Hale's natural terrain.

Social equality and welfare are topics often close to Uranian people’s hearts.  Saturn in Cancer square Neptune conjunct Chiron in Libra marks family and mental health law as this judge’s specialist areas. 

With her Aquarian Sun opposing Pluto in Leo, Baroness Hale stands for the wider social good against excessive entitlement. 

She knows all too well how uncompromising resistance to change can be when those who wield enormous power feel threatened themselves.

Her Sun-Pluto opposition converts her grand Air trine into a kite, underlining her high flyer status. 

Her Sun becomes the focal point of this powerful kite configuration, which is just as well as it opposes an out of bounds Pluto.  This is one tough judge. 

 Image by Astro Gold

Image by Astro Gold

Transiting Chiron crossed her two exalted, or most favourably placed, planets at arguably the two pinnacles of her long list of exceptional achievements. 

Her natal Chiron resides in Libra so this could be seen as a rebalancing of feminine and masculine principles; the essence of Libra.

On becoming the first female Lord of Appeal and a life peer when she entered the House of Lords on 12th January 2004, transiting Chiron conjoined exalted Mars in Capricorn. 

Her lifelong journey to making things happen in accordance with her ideas of how things should be (Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn) reached culmination. 

Solar arc directed Uranus was also conjunct her natal Pluto, marking her arrival in a new league of power-brokers.

She remains a trailblazing, caring judge (Sun in Aquarius trine Uranus, co-ruled by Saturn in Cancer). 

As she said in a lecture soon afterwards, the gender and ethnicity of judges matters "because democracy matters".

On being appointed President of the Supreme Court on 5th September 2017, transiting Chiron was very close to her exalted Venus in Pisces[1].  Her very female presence can no longer be sidelined.   

Solar arc directed Jupiter opposed and solar arc directed Venus conjoined her natal Uranus: she continues to turn the legal establishment upside down by holding the highest legal position in the land as a woman. 

Shortly after becoming President, Baroness Hale reaffirmed her long-time support for ‘no fault’ divorce.  

Removing adultery and ‘unreasonable behaviour’ as grounds for divorce can contribute to minimising the acrimony that stains so many separations.  

It is enough to record that a marriage has ‘irretrievably broken down’ without having to allocate blame.  

She also advocates a year-long ‘cooling off’ period to give the couple time to sort out their financial and property affairs, and to make arrangements for taking care of any children.

While exceptionally bright in the narrow academic sense, this judge does not live entirely in her head. 

Venus in Pisces opposite Jupiter in Virgo demonstrate her deep compassion and a zeal for tidying up poorly functioning, messy situations. 

Earth, not Air, is Baroness Hale’s dominant elemental signature so her intellectual acuity (grand Air trine) is superseded by an awareness of what can work in ‘real’ life. 

Might these widely-supported divorce law reforms finally be enacted once Saturn in Capricorn (legal restructuring) joins Jupiter in Scorpio (healing shame)?  Possibly. 

For the foreseeable future, Baroness Hale and her fellow justices are going to be busy navigating the Supreme Court through and beyond Brexit. 

Resetting their court’s relationship with the European Court of Justice – the European Union’s Supreme Court – and redrawing their respective jurisdictions as part of the U.K.’s departure from the EU is no mean feat. 

How the U.K. Supreme Court handle this will impact the lives of millions of British citizens and many more besides for years to come, and will be closely scrutinised. 

Baroness Hale will lead on the role and status of our Supreme Court post-Brexit not just vis-a-vis the European Union but also in relation to the rest of the British establishment.

Against the backdrop of Pluto’s ongoing transit of Capricorn, the constitutional balance of power between the judiciary, the executive and parliament, as well as the media, will also remain in the spotlight.   

With first Pluto and then Saturn transiting Baroness Hale’s Mars by conjunction between January 2018 and December 2019, the Brexit process is going to fundamentally reconfigure what fires her up.

Initially, the situation might feel completely impossible (Pluto).  Ultimately, she could uncover a whole new source of strength (Mars invigorated by Pluto) to tackle the restructuring of the UK's legal relationship with the EU.  

Being born with a Sun-Pluto opposition, the Plutonic realm is one she is already familiar with.  She knows how dark power struggles can get.  She is no walkover.  

While an exalted Mars in Capricorn can overestimate what it can achieve, Baroness Hale's track record shows she has acted to maximum and very beneficial effect for herself and her society.

This is even though her Mars is disposed by a weak Saturn in detriment in Cancer which is further destabilised by its square to slippery Neptune-Chiron.  Her behaviour demonstrates empathy not weakness. 

During these upcoming transits, solar arc directed Mercury opposes her natal Neptune.  Her thinking may not be quite as clear and structured as it usually is.  Or, perhaps she will find she has to concede decisions. 

At the end of February 2018, progressed Mercury in Aries squares her natal Mercury.  She is likely to be involved in some pretty fierce debates at that time, both internal and with others. 

Things will start to settle for her once transiting Saturn reaches her Mars in March 2019 and restores some semblance of order.  It will be a totally new order.  That is the only way after a Pluto transit.   

Being a Cardinal-Mutable type with only the Sun in a Fixed sign (the angles’ modes are unknown in the absence of a birth time), she can initiate change and adapt to refreshed circumstances. 

What happens between now and the Saturn transit with transiting Pluto over her Mars will keep Baroness Hale more active than ever.  She is likely to be visiting territory she has not yet ventured to.

Her grand Air trine can support her with maintaining a detached, rational perspective on what promises to be a life-changing period for her and the country.  That is what lawyers excel at. 

And she is officially our most excellent judge.        


[1] The exact three-hit transit of Chiron to Venus spans 15th March, 19th November and 29th December 2018.