i started out as a lawyer and have ended up as an astrologer


Anything 'alternative' typically holds little appeal for me.  Yet, in Summer 2001, I signed up to an astrology residential week.  The venue, an Oxford college, was familiar from my undergraduate days.  Where Law had struggled to hold my attention, astrology gripped me from the start.  I could not believe that a few squiggles on a page could reveal so much.  It still blows my mind every time I read a chart.  Still, my resistance to this 'out there' subject meant I was wrestling with, as well as pursuing, my curiosity.

That changed on 26 April 2014.  That was the day my cousin British Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan was killed on his third tour of Afghanistan, aged just 29 years old.  His death reminded me how short life is.  Rak's shining example switched my focus to embracing astrology's illuminating perspective, clarity and timing guidance - instead of fighting it.  

My Cousin Rak

My Cousin Rak


I have a Certificate in Horary Astrology from The School of Traditional Astrology and a Diploma from the London School of Astrology. My studies have also included countless fascinating hours with The Company of AstrologersThe Centre for Psychological Astrology and The Faculty of Astrological Studies.  

All my learning has convinced me of the enduring power, beauty and relevance of this ancient language to life today.